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Backed by a century’s worth of knowledge and expertise, Cronheim Mortgage provides a vast array of real estate services, including debt and equity for investment grade real estate. By leveraging the strong correspondent and/or servicing relationships we have cultivated with our institutional investors, including many insurance companies, we have continuously had access to substantial debt and equity capital to invest in quality real estate at pricing well below alternative sources, especially for long-term debt. We stand out from our competitors with our strong debt servicing portfolio, currently in excess of $2,000,000,000.  Moreover, through our Channel Real Estate Funds affiliate, we have efficiently and cost-effectively provided mezzanine and equity capital for numerous real estate assets. We have placed debt/equity and serviced in 30 states, and continue to capitalize on new opportunities.


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Cherry Hill Office - Cherry Hill, NJ

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Cronheim Mortgage secured refinancing proceeds of $8,175,000 for two buildings located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The client’s objective was to cash out some of the equity that had been created since the property’s acquisition in 2013 while maintaining flexibility to exit the investment once the business plan is completed in a couple years. Cronheim obtained a non-recourse, 42-month loan with prepayment flexibility at proceeds significantly above the client’s existing debt. Cronheim has developed many long-standing and strong local lender relationships that it has come to rely upon to help clients achieve their objectives.


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